The excitement of Lauren Ridloff at the first sight of her character in Eternals


The Marvel Cinematic Universe It has featured various movies and characters that are very different from each other. And it is that although they all live and connect in the same harmony, the truth is that some take on a more comical tone and others more dramatic. However, it seems that what is happening in Eternals It is something that never seen and that it will completely change everything that has been presented so far by the company of Kevin feige.

In part, it would have to do with a very special character played by Lauren Ridloff. The next film directed by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao presents a very promising cast representing an immortal race of elite heroes who have lived secretly on Earth for years to protect and nourish civilizations. In this way, the Eternals are forced to come out of the shadows to rally and confront man’s oldest enemy: the Deviants.

Among the actors stand out Richard Madden, Gemma Cha, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Don Lee, Barry Keoghan, Kit Harrington and Angelina Jolie. Yet Lauren Ridloff’s character was one of those who moved her the most, even herself! Bring life to Makkari, the fastest woman in the universe who uses her cosmic overspeed to search for planets for the Eternals. Over the centuries, she has explored every square inch of Earth, and because of that, she’s a little disillusioned about staying there when there are countless other planets to explore.

On top of that, she has a quirk: she’s the MCU’s first deaf superhero. Ridloff -also hard of hearing in real life- he cried the first time he looked like an action figure. The actress, who dazzled in The walking dead, spoke to Insider and mentioned that when he saw this little statuette, he couldn’t help but get excited. “In a box I saw an articulated figurine, there were also Lego pieces. I cried because I was so moved“, he underlined.

Seeing the Marvel toys, the new Eterna assured: “We had tangible proof that it was now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that it was actually happening. I feel like I didn’t believe it until I saw the doll and that’s when I knew she was real.”. Instantly he shared it with his two sons: “My boys love Legos. They were building a set when I said, “I think they’re missing something. I brought them the figurine and they were surprised. they were delighted”.

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