The Midnight Club season 1 ending explained

This article contains spoilers for The Midnight Club season 1.

The Midnight Club is finally available to stream on Netflix, but its first-season finale isn’t as straightforward or clear-cut as some fans might expect. The new series from co-creator and executive producer Mike Flanagan explores a number of fascinating mysteries through its first 10 episodes, but while many of them are solved throughout The Midnight Clubthe first season of, some don’t. In fact, the last moments of The Midnight ClubThe Season 1 finale even unveils a twist that very few people are likely to see coming.

That said, it’s not like episode 10 of The Midnight Club is an entirely ambiguous or open-ended hour of television. During its execution, The Midnight ClubThe season 1 finale of sees Ilonka (Iman Benson) finally come to terms with her fate as she begins to fulfill her prerequisites with her adoptive father, Tim (Tim Pawluk), while Spencer (William Chris Sumpter) receives some of the closure that he has long searched when his mother finally comes to visit him in Brightcliffe.

In the same episode, Ilonka also receives what she believes to be a sign from the other side when she discovers that the broken ballerina statuette that belonged to Anya (Ruth Codd) has been mysteriously repaired. Later, she and Kevin (Igby Rigney) decide to finally confess their feelings for each other. Altogether, these revelations and these moments would be enough to send The Midnight Club on a satisfying, if melancholy, note. However, The Midnight Club doesn’t end its first season without revealing one final, game-changing twist.

In The Midnight Club At the end of season 1, we see Dr. Stanton (Heather Langenkamp), the headmistress of Brightcliffe, sit down in front of her bedroom mirror and pull her hair back – revealing it to be a whole wig. time. In case that wasn’t weird enough, the camera then pans to reveal a secret Paragon tattoo on Stanton’s neck. Obviously, this reveal raises a number of questions about Brightcliffe’s seemingly mild-mannered overseer.

Three people in a car at the Midnight Club.

After all, Stanton takes a strong stand against the Paragon and its teachings throughout The Midnight Clubfrequently berating Ilonka and Julia Jayne (Samantha Sloyan) for their obsession with the ancient cult. Based on that alone, it seemed fair to assume that Stanton was neither a fan nor a supporter of the Paragon, much less a secretive member of the organization.

The Midnight ClubThe Season 1 finale throws that assumption out the window and forces us to wonder: Has Stanton been secretly a member of the Paragon this whole time? If so, then what is his relationship to the cult? The Midnight Club, unfortunately, offers no answers to these questions. If we were to take a guess now, however, it seems possible that Stanton is secretly Athena, the long-lost daughter of Aceso (Katie Parker), the woman who founded the Paragon.

We are told in The Midnight ClubAthena’s first season ultimately backfired on her mother when she realized the dark direction Aceso was taking the Paragon – and all of its members – down. However, all that is known of Athena is that she disappeared after the Paragon’s sacrificial practices were discovered. Therefore, if it turns out that Stanton is, in fact, Athena, it would both explain why she knows so much about the Paragon and why she was so against Ilonka and her friends attempting to replicate the cult’s practices.

Of course, Stanton could end up being an entirely different character. Either way, fans will unfortunately have to wait until The Midnight Club returns with more episodes to uncover the truth about Dr. Stanton’s mysterious connection to the Paragon.

The midnight club season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.

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