The Most “Twin Falls, Idaho” Ways to Spend $ 10,000


You have a chance to win $ 10,000! Every day we give out 10 code words and if you enter them on the app, every word you enter gives you another chance to win money up to $ 10,000. There is so much you could do with $ 10,000. We found most of the ways to spend that kind of money in Twin Falls.

It’s for fun, I don’t expect anyone to spend money this way. That being said, if you did, I’m not judging. It sounds like fun to me.

  • 1

    50 Tandem BASE jumps off the bridge

    With $ 10,000, you could jump the Perrine Bridge tandem 50 times with a pro. Now, if you are a pro and don’t need to do it in tandem, you can do it for free if you have the equipment. I do not recommend but to each his own. Have fun.

  • 2

    Order 770 full finger steak orders

    You can go to Twin Falls Creek and order yourself 770 orders, full orders, not half orders, delicious steak.

  • 3

    Taxidermy elk

    You could get 7 Taxidermy Elk Slabs! Hello, that looks awesome! These are the ones mounted on the shoulders. For a life-size bugle moose, you can get 2, life-size moose.

  • 4

    Zip the snake 200 times

    If you wanted to zipline the Snake River, you could do it 200 times! The zipline goes up to 45 miles per hour and offers fantastic views.

  • 5

    1,005 Buffalo Chips Orders

    If you’re hungry, you can order over 1,000 orders of bison chips. 1005 to be precise.

  • 6

    Prepay full 16 years at Gemstone Climbing

    Maybe you want to learn how to be the best rock climber ever. You can prepay a full 16 years at Gemstone Climbing.

  • 7

    Play 217 rounds of golf

    You can play 217 rounds of 18 hole golf WITH a golf cart at Canyon Springs Golf Course. Your game should improve with so many turns.

  • 8

    Book 20 evenings at Radio Rondevoo

    You could organize 20 parties at Radio Rondevoo. If you made $ 10,000, you would have a lot of friends to celebrate with.

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