The unexpected injury Jean Smart suffered on the Easttown mare


Many of Mare and Helen’s exchanges in “Mare of Easttown” take place in the family mansion, and in one particular scene, Smart – who is often quite funny in the role – revealed to Variety that in going to laugh, she leaned over a balustrade so hard that she broke a rib.

“My doctor was amazed at how quickly I healed because the rib was snapped in half,” Smart told Variety. “But I finally realized that I couldn’t do stupid things like that anymore. I don’t have to fall over the handrails and down the stairs.

Winslet told Variety she loved her co-star’s dedication, saying, “John was basically doing what John does best, which is turning a little wink moment and you will miss something deliciously funny and cheeky. “

According to the sounds, Smart suffered no injuries on his other HBO series, “Hacks”. Smart plays Deborah Vance, an aging comedian forced to reinvent her Las Vegas act by taking struggling young screenwriter Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder) on board, who is looking for work after a callous tweet canceled her.

Also an HBO production, “Hacks” earned Smart a second Emmy nomination this year, this one for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. Smart has already been nominated for nine Emmy Awards, winning statuettes for three series – two as Outstanding Guest Actress on “Frasier,” as well as one for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for “Samantha Who?”

“Mare of Easttown” and “Hacks” are available to stream on HBO Max.

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