This backyard building only looks like a garage from the outside

Typically, it’s a structural beam or piece of mold that stops a project. But as a designer of HGTV Kim Wolfe learned recently that sometimes it’s maternal instinct that stops a remodel from moving forward. His last clients, a couple (both doctors) with four children under 9, therefore work difficult that, when they are at home, they want to make sure their little ones are having fun. “As I was trying to talk to the woman in the living room and dining room, she couldn’t even have fun until we found something for the kids,” Wolfe shares. The order in which Wolfe had planned to approach the repair of their home in San Antonio, Texas, is expected to change.

The compound type layout of the house was what sold the couple on the house in the first place. In addition to a casita, there is another “outdoor building,” as Wolfe calls it, which they used primarily as a holdall for shed tools and sometimes as a play space. had no air conditioning, which in Texas, when it’s 108 degrees, isn’t a place where you feel good when your kids hang out,” says the designer. Up front, Wolfe reveals how they transformed the backyard structure into a space suitable for building blocks, chalk art and science experiments.

Stay calm

gif of opening a garage door

To make room for a substantial play area, Wolfe moved one of the building’s walls, leaving enough space for a garden shed that could house the family’s lawnmower and other gardening tools. the other side. Installing a mini-split for air conditioning (no ductwork required!) was a must, as was adding a see-through garage door that can easily be rolled up so mom and dad can keep an eye on things. household things.

Be flexible with your flooring

games room with matching tiled floor

Wolfe likes to keep her tile purchases as transparent and affordable as possible. She went to Clay Imports, asked what was ready and available to take home, and left with a vibrant patchwork of graphic squares. “It doesn’t have to fit together,” she insists. The ceramic pieces help keep the space cool and can be cleaned with a garden hose when mud and dirt inevitably get inside.

Give them a cozy cocoon

boys playing on the bridge

beanbag reading nook

Because the heat can get overwhelming, Wolfe knew she couldn’t hang a kid’s hammock outside. Instead, she hung one in this shady, air-conditioned nook, securing the hooks into the ceiling beam so it could withstand an energetic 7-year-old (or two) swinging inside .

Double the storage that works for them (and you)

children play craft table

When Wolfe first entered the scene, the couple’s two daughters and two sons pinned their pens and drawings directly to the walls. The designer didn’t want to change her artistic vision, but in an effort to protect the new coat of white paint, she bought four pegboards from IKEA (one for each child in the family) which gives them a damage-free way to display their creations. Another purchase from the Swedish brand: two Kallax units, which Wolfe loaded with large cube-shaped bins that make it easy to gather miniatures and game pieces.

ikea kallax storage

“I think it’s important to give kids their own corner of the kingdom – where they can get messy, where they can explore, and where they can play. I think kids need a space to do that,” says Wolfe And with the youngsters busy outside, she got the green light to start designing for adults.

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