TikTok video on Buc-ee goes viral for poor pronunciation

Unsuccessful attempts to pronounce gas station wonderland and texas favorite Buc-ee are a sensation TIC Tac recently. that of a woman happy video about his very first trip to the outpost of a Buc-ee went viral because of the way she repeated the name of the store.

“Okay, this is our family’s first time at Buc-ee,” user Crazy Life Of Ash said at the start of the video, pronouncing it as actor’s last name Garey Busey. She also looks at a ubiquitous grackle in the parking lot: “Oh look, they’ve got birds greeting you at the gate.” Many TikTok users responded to the original video to instruct non-Texans on the store’s correct pronunciation.

The latest seemingly innocent viral video comes after a string of memes in which users pronounced the store like “busy, A term that has gained social media coverage on NSFW.

The steroid gas station is known for selling everything from t-shirts and beef jerky to kitschy gifts like magnets and statuettes. It’s a frequent stop for traveling Texans thanks to its super-clean bathrooms. And for the uninitiated, the name is pronounced like “Bucky’s.”

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