Treasures: Porcelain figurines are attractive, but carry the stigma | Siouxland Houses



By browsing their online catalog – they’re still very active – the casual shopper will find reproductions of everything from dolls, movement toys and pedal cars to business signs, cutout stacked glass, Christmas items, scrimshaw, canes, etc. The list goes on and on, and while AA Importing absolutely does not misrepresent its products as “old” or “antiques,” some of their secondary customers do.

It is not uncommon to walk into an antique mall and see items from the AA Importing catalog scattered among older items. Often there is no age claim, just a price and maybe a generic description. Buyers should beware – ask questions and do your proverbial homework before making a purchase.

These figurines are after WWII, probably around 1970, probably made in Japan or possibly Germany. Still, they are very attractive pieces and should be appreciated more for their beauty than for their age. The woman in the frilly hat carrying a tasseled purse and the man in the Napoleonic hat both have birds at their feet. Together, they form a romantic couple.

Many, if not the most serious, collectors view objects imported by AA the same way vampires view sunlight. And although this pair of porcelain figurines are decorative and appear well made, they will always bear the imprint of being reproductions. Even in 50 years, when they are truly ancient, they will carry this stigma.


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