Turkeys and Touchdowns: New Limoges Box Collection on LimogesBoutique.com

Exquisite French, luxury, porcelain, Thanksgiving, sports and holiday gifts for LimogesBoutique.com business associates, family, lovers and friends. A Limoges porcelain gift set is the perfect luxury gift to create meaning and memories in the lives of those you want to impress and care for. The designs and styles are endless and made by French master craftsmen.

/EIN News/ — PALM BAY, Fla., Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Some are expecting turkeys and touchdowns in late November, but if they want to deliver something extraordinary to get to dinner in Thanksgiving with and commemorating all it stands for, a high-end French porcelain gift will make that mark. Customers will want to gobble up all 5,000 Limoges Figures in the Limoges Box Collection of Limoges Thanksgiving Boxes. The brilliant colors and fine details are enhanced by a firing process perfected by the workshops and artists of France’s Limousin region. Since the 1700s, these hinged boxes have served as both a stunning and pragmatic way to keep small keepsakes and rings. Each box imported from Limoges is signed and authenticated by their French factory artist. Pilgrims give thanks for their edible bounty, and Indian figurines offer patrons their harvest or paddle in intricately hand-painted canoes. Some of these pieces have charming trinket additions, and all of them can please their mind better than a tryptophan nap.

Limoges porcelain boxes are entirely made and decorated by hand in the heart of the city of Limoges, France. Limoges boxes are symbols of love and make fabulous gifts, as birthday, housewarming, wedding, bridal or anniversary gifts, or are fantastic as engagement ring boxes. Limoges Box Boutique also sells Limoges Christmas boxes and Hannukah styles, and any special occasion gifts throughout the year. You can view these authentic Limoges Box figurine collections at Limoges Boutique Boxes.

Some Limoges designs hear bells ringing. Some models spy on the cheerful St. Nick. Some are having a merry little Christmas with a collection of authentic Christmas-themed French porcelain Limoges boxes. A common design is that of Santa Claus coming to deliver gifts to well-behaved children. Another popular design is that of Santa Claus saying “better be careful and be kind”, so that wonderful gifts can be enjoyed. What a way to mark the spirits and mark the spirits of someone by offering them an authentic Limoges Father Christmas box for Christmas!

French Limoges porcelain boxes have been the hallmark of class and culture for centuries. Porcelain collectors around the world seek out the best – and the best comes from the Limoges region of France. They can see the new holiday collections and express themselves with Limoges porcelain boxes from France.

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Image 1: Limoges porcelain boxes imported from France

Limoges Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes, entirely hand painted in Limoges France. Includes certificate of authenticity.

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  • Limoges porcelain boxes imported from France

Limoges porcelain boxes imported from France

Limoges porcelain boxes imported from France

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