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[Editor’s Note:  This article is a reprint and was published online on September 16, 2007, and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“How many cities have we destroyed when she was iniquitous, so she fell on her roofs; and (how) a deserted well and a lofty palace! Did they not travel through the land in order to have a heart to understand, or ears to hear? For it is certainly not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts that are in the breasts are blind. ” Holy Quran, Sura 22, verses 45-46

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad laid the foundations for a New World Order by giving us the keys to mastering a New World of thought. It was taught by One Mighty in Power and in Truth, Master W. Fard Muhammad. The Master met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and gave him the keys to mastery of God and self, night and day for three and a half years. In turn, he taught us the same thing. This new knowledge or school of thought is no longer that which belongs to the prophets and what they prophesied, but it is the knowledge and science of the thought of the gods.

Stone image of an Olmec figure called “the astronomer”, located in the LaVenta Open Air Archaeological Park in Villahermosa, the state capitol of Tobasco, Mexico.

When the 12 Leaders (Scientific Gods) met at the Root of Civilization, in the Holy City of Mecca, where the knowledge of the Original Man began, they determined in council that we, the Nation of the Lost Found and the people (ex-Slaves of America) and members of the tribe of Shabazz), who were lost from ours, must be returned to our homeland and our original people. So they sent us a messenger to teach us a deep knowledge of our own by teaching us the fundamental knowledge of divine creation.


With this Supreme Wisdom, we can no longer stand on the Old World Knowledge base platform. Each civilization that we study on our planet holds a vital key to the knowledge of the Original man and people. We are taught this knowledge in a mathematical way, which is the root knowledge of creation itself coming from zero or nothing until we calculate on something. In the beginning, teaches the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, there were 13 tribes and we once wrote our history to last every 35,000 years before the moon formed. It was during the formation of the moon that our entire solar system was altered by the powerful explosion that took place separating us from this part that we now call the earth. We fell from our original pocket 36,000 miles in a sudden downward push. The part we call the moon rose 12 miles high and became the current satellite of the Earth. Before that happens, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that the planet Mars served as our moon.

In the making of the moon, one of the 13 tribes got lost and we are now calculating on measures of 12 to write our stories. It is this circle of 12 Scientists who have kept the secret of the Origin of God as a mystery until today. This secret knowledge lasted for billions of years until the coming of the great Mahdi who broke the veil of silence and the secret of God is now being made public for the first time.

This mammoth Olmec head can now be found in the new Tres Zapotes museum identified as Olmec head n ° 1.

Photo taken in 1942 at an excavation site near Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico, by prominent archaeologists lifting an Olmec mammoth head.

We may wonder how this knowledge relates to the Olmecs and the mathematical system of calculation that was applied to the sophisticated calendar system of the Mayan calendar and to the earlier calendars followed by all the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Mesoamerica? A bit as we will see.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once interviewed several of us who were in his presence at dinner time, what we thought was the significance of these numbers in the making of the moon. In the first observation, the number 12 becomes the basis of our calculations based on 12 inches in the ruler and represents the 12 Major Scientists. The number 36 is the square of six and its cube is 216 (6x6x6 = 216). When adding a zero to this number (2,160) is equal to the diameter of the moon. The difference between 12 and 36 is 24, which represents the 24 Scientists that are used to calculate our prophetic stories written in cycles of 25,000 year periods.

Twenty-three of these scientists actually write and one acts as a judge (the 24th) on these writings. When the moon was separated from this part now called Earth, we were tilted on our axis, pole to pole measuring 23 and a half degrees at each end. This represents the work of the 23 scientists, with the 24th being the sole judge overall. The writing of these stories is renewed every 25,000 years because there is a major shift of the poles at this time leading to terrestrial changes and altered climatic conditions on our planet and cataclysmic destruction such as floods, volcanic eruptions, severe snow and ice conditions and seismic conditions. activities such as earthquakes. At this point in our history, we are starting to experience these conditions today in what has been called “global warming”.

The moon actually makes 13 revolutions around our planet, but we are only calculating on the number of 12 months in a year. We leave the calculations for 13 months blank or missing. It is the sign of one of the 13 tribes who got lost in the making of the moon. There is, however, a space in our current zodiac that could include a 13th Constellation. In the ancient Egyptian calendar, this 13th Constellation is recorded as Imhotep, the holder of the serpent, who was a physician, healer and architectural builder of the first step pyramid located in Zakarah, built for King Zoser near the plateau of Giza in Cairo, Egypt.

Turning our thoughts back to Mesoamerica, Mexico, and the phenomenal presence and appearance of the original Olmecs bearing undeniably black traits and characteristics, we discover that the mathematical system they employed in the calculations of the calendar system is based on these sacred numbers, 13 (moon cycles) and 20 (0 to 19) representing the solar seals which produced the most perfect calendar system in existence today, known as the Mayan calendar.

So who are the Olmecs? They are members of original man and people who have retained some of the lost wisdom of our ancestors and previous civilizations. Their mammoth heads were found buried in the earth of the Western Hemisphere and are now unearthed and discovered by anthropologists, archaeologists and historians who beg the question: who is the original man?

We too, the lost and found members of the Shabazz tribe, have also been found buried in the West in the mud of civilization. Remember the story of the dead architects of the temple of God who was raised from the dead (in Masonic symbolism) is now resurrected after thousands and millions and even billions of years of the distant past.

“And they ask you to hasten the retribution, and Allah does not break His promise in any way. And surely a day with your Lord is like a thousand years from what you count. And how many city I have given respite to then that it was unfair, then I grabbed it! And for me, it’s back.Holy Quran, Sura 22, verses 47-48

To be continued.

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