Weirdest Things Bowser Has Done

Bowser is one of the most iconic villains in video game history. The Koopa King has been the primary antagonist throughout the Mario series, trying almost every entry to try to outdo Mario and fail. However, despite his obnoxious tendencies, Bowser also has a side that can be quite sympathetic.

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The layers Bowser has as a character are pretty unique, ranging from showing that he wants to care about his son to teaming up with Mario when it best fits his schedule. It’s because of these unique plot twists that Bowser has a lot of weird moments through his many appearances.

ten Fight a trophy

Ganondorf and Bowser in Super Smash Bros Brawl

Bowser gets angry quite easily, so hitting an object out of sheer rage isn’t the most surprising thing for the evil lord to do. However, this is a bit weird given the sequence in Subspace emissary, the adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Throughout history, Bowser and Ganondorf have worked together to serve Master Hand in collecting trophies, the statuettes that different fighters transform.

However, after Ganondorf betrayed Bowser by turning him into a trophy, Bowser was understandably enraged. A little later, after Ganondorf turns into a trophy and Bowser becomes himself again, Bowser attacks Ganondorf in his trophy state, even though he knows it does nothing to help. THE Legend of Zelda scoundrel. It’s a very funny moment in history, but definitely weird considering how ineffective it is.


9 Eating too many pills

Dry Bowser in Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

One fascinating thing we are learning about Bowser is that he will consume almost anything. It is a major theme during Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Story. At some point in the story, Bowser would become rather bloated with the number of things he ate.

In the parallel story Bowser Jr.’s journey, Bowser Jr. gives his father some of the drugs that were used to cure some of the game’s blorbs. But instead of taking a pill, Bowser swallows the whole bottle. Because of this, he loses so much fat that he becomes Dry Bowser.

8 Accidentally getting possessed

Bowser with a rainbow shell in Paper Mario Color Splash

In Paper Mario: Splatter of Color, a central element of the game revolved around the painting of parts of the world. So it’s only fitting that the main reason Bowser becomes the main antagonist in this game is painting.

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Near the start of the game, Bowser finds paint on Prism Island. Bowser decides he wants his shell to look like a rainbow. So without hesitation, he paints his shell in a rainbow, but when the colors start to blend together, it turns a deep black. This then turns Bowser into a possessed Koopa King who begins to destroy everything around him.

seven Training Wario and Waluigi in Unique Ways

Waluigi stretches out in Mario Power Tennis

Bowser isn’t the only character in the Mario universe known to cause hijinks. Wario and Waluigi might be a little less dangerous, but the two engage in a lot of shenanigans. This is especially true in sports titles where they would do anything for wealth and fame.

In Mario power tennis, Wario and Waluigi lose to Mario in a match, and after committing an act of vandalism, the duo fall into a trap set by Bowser. It’s here that Bowser puts them through intense training in an attempt to beat Mario. However, the tactics Bowser used are questionable, like getting Wario to pass a Chain Chomp on a treadmill and furiously stretching Waluigi’s back.

6 Be afraid of Mario’s outfits

Bowser is afraid of what Mario is wearing in Super Mario Odyssey

Whatever the circumstances, it always seems like Bowser doesn’t care about the dangers that come his way. He will still resist Mario even with the deck stacked against him and he will face just about anyone who wants to fight.

This is why it is rather strange that in Super Mario Odyssey, a game where players can change Mario’s look, Bowser shows a bit of fear before the final battle. This only happens with specific outfits Mario wears, including the skeleton jumpsuit, zombie outfit, and boxer shorts.

5 Attacking the Sprix

Bowser holding the Sprix in a jar in Super Mario 3D World

World of Super Mario 3D is one of the most unique titles of the Super Mario series. For example, this is one of the few times Princess Peach doesn’t get kidnapped, which is probably why she’s a playable character in the game.

Instead, Bowser specifically targets a group of Sprixie Princesses from the Sprixie Kingdom. He puts a bunch of them in jars and hides them in castles in a bunch of different worlds across the kingdom. Why Bowser is doing this has never been fully explained, which makes it an odd trick for Bowser to stray from his usual schtick.

4 Trying to melt Antarctica

Luigi fights Bowser in Mario Is Missing

Although it can be argued that it is somewhat distant from the Mario canon, Mario has disappeared! is still a game that Nintendo has licensed as an educational experience. It was happening on Earth and Bowser was once again living up to his devious plans.

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The plan Bowser formed for this game was to melt Antarctica and flood Earth. It was going to be done without too many reasons other than wanting to plunder the world of its riches. On top of that, Bowser’s method of melting the giant glacial continent uses a lot of hair dryers.

3 Driving a clown car

Bowser Jr and Koopalings driving clown cars in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The Koopa King has had many modes of transportation during its video game life. There is the airship which was first introduced in Super mario bros 3 and there are the different cars he uses to run Mario kart. However, no Bowser’s vehicle is more iconic than his clown car.

First introduced in Super mario world, this floating shell carries him through the air and has been used as a central part of boss fights in several game entries. But the reason it’s so weird is that it’s never explained why Bowser specifically wanted to ride. in a clown car. It gets even stranger given that one of the costumes Bowser is afraid of in Super Mario Odyssey is the clown outfit.

2 Lying to Bowser Jr. about Peach

Bowser and Bowser Jr. reflecting on the events of Super Mario Sunshine

Bowser Jr.’s first appearance in the franchise is Super Mario Sun, where he disguises himself as Shadow Mario to kidnap Peach and frame Mario for the mess caused on Delfino Island. When Junior decides to drop his disguise, he calls Princess Peach his “mom” and he was just trying to steal her from “evil” Mario.

It is later revealed that Bowser tricked his son into believing Princess Peach was Junior’s mother to convince him to pursue Mario. Bowser Jr. understands his father was lying, but doesn’t blame him, which may make you wonder why Bowser had to lie in the first place.

1 Abduction of Princess Peach

Fishing at Bowser's Castle in Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

It’s the super mario bros tale as old as the world. Since the very first game in the franchise, Bowser’s goal has been to kidnap Princess Peach and keep her locked in the castle. There are a number of reasons Bowser can do this, ranging from his love for Princess Toadstool to the ultimate goal of taking over the world.

Either way, while fans of the franchise are certainly used to the idea that Bowser is doing this and probably will do it again, it’s terribly strange that Bowser just wants to keep kidnapping her (or anyone). ). Especially knowing that he will probably have to fend off Mario, with whom he hasn’t had much success.

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