What does a Covid superhero look like?


What does a Covid superhero look like?

Vipoo Srivilasa. photo courtesy of NAVA

Whether there is chaos, pandemonium, or disaster, the world will always be saved by the daring acts of a guardian.

It’s a common theme in the comics where superheroes reassure humanity with their abstract power and maybe us today, as we are still living in the midst of a pandemic caused by a deadly villain known as the name of Covid-19.

Now a question arises, “What would a Covid superhero look like?”

Answering this question, world famous ceramicist Vipoo Srivilasa has started a special project appealing to superhero fans.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Vipoo is a Thai artist known for his work on historic European figurines. His original ceramic works, exhibited in galleries in Australia, London and Bangkok, blend his lively humor with craftsmanship.

Its initiative, dubbed “Covid Superheroes Project”, encourages people to express their feelings and share their imaginations about how their superheroes look. It allows them to reflect on their self-isolation anxiety in a creative, personal, and positive way.

Applicants must send a drawing of their hero along with a short story of no more than 50 words. The story should include the name of the superhero, description of powers, personalities, weaknesses, gender, catchphrases, habits and whatever makes him unique. The integration of personal struggles during the period of self-isolation into the drawing is strongly encouraged.

Vipoo will select the 12 most inspiring superheroes and invite contemporary Thai artists to bring them to life in the form of small sculptures. Twelve writers from an online community will also be tasked with writing a 150-word story about each superhero.

The drawing, sculptures and their history will be presented at ATTA ‘N’ ATTA Art Space in November. The exhibition will serve as a memory of people’s emotions in these unprecedented times.

– Candidates’ work must be sent by email to [email protected]

– Drawings must be in A4 format and attached as a digital file (.jpg, .png).

– Emails must have “Covid Superheros” as the subject line and include a 50 word story.

– The deadline for submission is August 29.

– Announcement of the selections will be via Instagram @ attack_n_atta.bkk and on Facebook at ATTA ‘N’ ATTA Art Space by mid-September.

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