What is a South African Krugerrand found at Debbie’s? The preview of “Everything But Home” is full of antiques

The HGTV show Everything but the house premiered Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 9:00 PM ET with returning host Lara Spencer. This series is different from conventional home improvement shows, which is clear from the title because it focuses on the valuables inside people’s homes that can be sold.

Lara Spencer, host of hello america, will return as host after HGTV Market reversal. Together with her team, she will undertake the task of finding houses that could potentially contain the treasure of valuables or antiques that can be sold. According to her, “junk can be worth its weight in gold”.

The show’s official synopsis reads:

“During each episode, the team will search each home for potentially valuable items, ranging from vintage clothing and sports memorabilia to antique furniture and kitsch memorabilia, to list in live and online auctions. there’s a catch – to attract eager buyers – the team will start bidding at just one dollar.”

What is a Krugerrand on Everything but the house first?

Debbie wanted to sell her late husband’s valuables in the first episode. He was a world traveler and the couple were married for 40 years before they died. It was only obvious from his items in the house that the items would have a high value.

Among the items found by host Lara Spencer and her team was the South African Krugerrand. These are gold coins that the Republic of South Africa minted in 1967 to help promote the country’s gold in international markets and make it valuable to an individual.

Krugerrands are one of the most traded gold coins in the world. The face of the coins bears the image of Paul Kruger, who was President of the Republic of South Africa from 1883 to 1900. The name of the coins comes from the combination of Paul Kruger’s surname with the “rand”, the national currency from South Africa.

The reverse of the coins depicts a galloping Springbok antelope, which is one of the national symbols of South Africa. In 1970, the country was the largest gold producer in the world, with over 75% of the world’s gold reserves to its credit. Throughout this period, Kruggerand became the first choice for gold investors.

Back to HGTV Everything but the house first

In the first episode of Everything but the house, Spencer and her team work with Debbie, a single mother who wants to increase her savings before retiring. Keeping a budget of $15-20,000, she enlisted Spencer’s help in finding meaningful and valuable items in her home and selling them successfully at auction.

On Everything but the house, Debbie wanted to sell items that her late husband had brought back from his travels. Keeping the end goal in mind, the mother gifted the team with many antiques, including porcelain figurines, decorative carvings, and beautiful purses, all worthy of a good auction. There were also music boxes and old instruments from when her husband’s sister went to Julliard, copper utensils and a Louis Vuitton bag.

The episode’s official synopsis reads:

“A woman’s home is filled to the brim with the collections she inherited from both her parents and her late husband; Lara and her team arrive to rescue her from this crushing burden and find enough money to fund a family trip in the process.”

Everything but the house also saw Jacquie Denny, co-founder of auction and real estate sales site EverythingButTheHouse.com, help Lara Spencer and her team of experts find antiques and sell them for a good price. However, all prices start at $1.

Auctions took place online and offline at Everything but the house. While Debbie and her family could watch the latter. Spencer kept them constantly updated on the premiere. His copper pans, gold lucky charms, and antique saxophone earned him $4-5,000 each. By the end of the auction, the family had won $69,928, well above their original estimate and more than enough for a family vacation.

The ten-episode series will feature the team searching for household trash that might be worth auctioning off. Drawing on his experience as Market reversal host, Spencer will work with a team of expert appraisers to help homeowners clean up their spaces and make money off the clutter.

Tune Everything but the house next week on HGTV.

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