What Movies and TV Shows Are TikTok’s Top 10 Trending Sounds From?

TikTok is the newcomer to social media and an ever rising star. In 2017, lip-syncing app Musical.ly merged with TikTok (per Voice), and in just six years the platform has exploded with videos of all genres – notably experiencing a surge in popularity during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. More than 2.6 billion people have now downloaded the app , which has created a whole new type of online content where users can create their own videos using popular TikTok “sounds”.

Fans who like to scroll through the app often find themselves with an “earworm” of a sound stuck in their head, but sometimes it can be difficult to trace the origin of these songs or snippers. Here are the origins of the sounds taking TikTok by storm. Avid users are sure to have heard them at least once on their FYP.


“Jiggle Jiggle” – Louis Theroux: The Weird Weekends of Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux during his Chicken Shop Date interview

Set to music by producers Duke and Jones, “Jiggle Jiggle” is the self-tuned rap style of British journalist Louis Theroux. The sound, which has gone viral with over 5.7 million videos, is actually from an interview where Louis is asked about a song he wrote for his documentary series. weird weekends.

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The interview for Chicken shop date (via YouTube) saw Theroux perform the rap a second time and the sound that followed took TikTok by storm. It’s been featured on content of all kinds, inspiring a dance and even a tendency to bend babies and ferrets to the lyrics.

“Breathtaking” – Berlin: Top Gun

Top Gun Maverick Football Beach Scene

Following the recent release of Superior gun sequel movie maverickthe ultra hit of the 80s “Take My Breath Away” is used as a backdrop for thirst traps and mustache worship videos. A scene from maverick of an oiled-up Miles Teller, who plays Bradley Bradshaw, dancing shirtless on the beach, sets the pace and sets the trend.

What’s interesting about this trend is that it displays the female gaze on a hyper-masculine franchise like Superior gun. Many TikToks are of men or men who shave their beards into mustaches or grow them at the request of their girlfriends, just like this TikTok.

“A Man Without Love” – ​​Engelbert Humperdink: Moon Knight (S1, Ep 1)

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

“A Man Without Love” was published by “king of romance” Engelbert Humperdink in 1968, but is back in pop culture consciousness thanks to Moon Knight, the new MCU series recently released on Disney+. Creators often use this sound to highlight the dramatic turn their lives have taken since the Covid-19 crisis or simply to pay homage to the MCU show, like this TikTok.

The MCU franchise is known for its excellent song choices, often bringing old classics, like this one, back to modern media, blending the old with the new.

“Run Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” – Kate Bush: Stranger Things (S4, Ep 4)

Stranger Things Season 4 Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield Vecna ​​Escape

By far the most popular sound on TikTok right now, this Kate Bush song is trending audio that sees creators imagining how their encounters with Vecna ​​would pan out. It was released in 1985, but after being used in stranger things season 4 and featured in thousands of TikToks, it is back in the top 100 charts (per NPR).

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In Episode 4, the song marks Max’s struggle with Vecna ​​and his inner turmoil and guilt over Billy’s death. The song is perfect for the moment as it is a fantastic expression of conflicting feelings following the death of a family member.

“Little Babies” – Bob’s Burgers (S2, Ep 4)

Linda Belcher has fun with a finger in the movie The Bob's Burgers

In “Burgerboss”, from the best of Linda Bob’s Burgers episodes, she sings a song to the porcelain baby collection she is obsessed with. Similarly, TikTokkers use sound to express deep love for unnecessary little things that make them happy.

Videos of cow figurines, frogs with hats, stuffed animals and miniature sweaters are the result of the TikTok trend, which combines cute and adorable with niche internet interests.

“Angel Eyes” – ABBA: Mamma Mia: here we go again

Christine Baranski and Julie Walters in Mamma Mia 2

The trend using this sound is part of a major movement seen all over TikTok, the sharing of specific niche interests for comedic and nostalgic effect. The song was written and recorded in 1978 by ABBA, but many people can recognize it from Mamma Mia: here we go againreleased in 2018.

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Written about the dangers of handsome men, most TikTok users put the sound on videos describing things from their past that they can’t get over. From André, The Giant to retro puppy photos, these designers, like Sophie and Rosie from Mom Miafind it hard to let go.

“Pass The Dutchie” – Musical Youth: Stranger Things (S4)

Argyle smiles at Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things

The number 1 hit song in the US and UK in 1982 was recently used on an episode of Sforeign things which brought him back to listeners. The TikTokkers are using the unofficial theme song for new character Argyle, for everything from outfit checks to demonstrating their smoke tricks.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the reggae hit has been used in a soundtrack; the 2002 live action scooby-doo The movie also used the song, as this TikTok points out.

“And the best part of this plan is” – Dr. Evil: Goldmember

Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in prison in Goldmember

Available for rental on Prime Video, the replica is from the 3rd Austin Powers movie, gold member, which begins Beyoncè, Mike Meyers and Seth Green. The full quote for this viral TikTok sound is: “Using my time machine, I will return to 1975, retrieve Goldmember and bring him back to the future. And the best part of this plan is… no one can stop me. even… Austin Powers.

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TikTok users typically use this sound with the filter of a chubby flying bee describing something they shouldn’t do but will — like this relatable TikTok about ordering takeout after grocery shopping.

“Squidward’s Tiki Land”: SpongeBob SquarePants (S7, Ep 145b)

SpongeBob smiling shyly at Squidward in the Patty Vault in Just One Bite of SpongeBob SquarePants

Appearing in the big Sponge Bob SquarePants episode “Enchanted Tiki Dreams”, this sound popularized by TikTok is a dreamy ode to relaxation. In the episode, cartoon tikis and a coconut with a mouth sing to Squidward as he relaxes in an island boat after finally escaping Spongebob’s annoyance.

The sound has several apps from TikTok users, but most use it on videos of them on vacation or out with a group of hungover friends.

“Elmo Balsamic Vinegar”: The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon

Elmo cooks with Jimmy Fallon

TikTok went wild for Elmo’s accent as a TikTok of him teaching Questlove and Jimmy Fallon how to cook went viral. In the clip, which is from a 2015 episode of The Tonight Show, Elmo promoted Sesame Street let’s cook cookbook by making the ‘sloppy oscar’ burger.

163.4 million TikTok videos are related to Elmo’s pronunciation of balsamic vinegar, many of which are dubbed over lip-sync and cooking videos.

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