What to see at the Cinema Academy museum


Jill Connelly / Bloomberg via Getty Images

A visitor to the museum in the Oscar Experience exhibit.

What does the museum charge?

Admission is $ 25, but add an additional $ 15 and you can step into the Oscar experience, an immersive environment that allows ordinary people to step onto a podium and pretend to accept an Oscar in front of a virtual crowd. You can hold a statuette (the same as the one given on Oscar night) but you cannot take it home. Instead, you will receive a video of your acceptance speech via email. But just like the real Oscars, be brief; you will only have a few seconds before the orchestra starts playing you off stage. Don’t forget to thank your agent.

Does the museum have a restaurant and is it good?

Or have dinner, for that matter? The museum’s restaurant, Fanny’s – named after Fanny Brice, the original Funny Girl – promises to be something of a show in its own right, with managing partner Bill Chiat (who helped create République, Bestia , Otium and Tartine, as well as other current LA hotspots) modeling space on golden age restaurants like Brown Derby and Chasen’s. In other words, there will be plenty of red leather, velvet, and mohair booths and an obsequious old-fashioned style of service that includes waiters carving beef at the table, sommeliers pouring wine, and captains in jackets checking out. the guests at mid-meal.

The exact menu is still under wraps, but daytime service will likely consist of salads and sandwiches while dinner will strive for a more formal vibe, serving mostly American cuisine. Fanny’s will also be hosting private parties, hosted by Hollywood’s most famous chef, Wolfgang Puck (who has been hosting the Oscars Governors Ball for ages.

How good is the gift shop and what souvenirs are worth buying?

Of course, the real test of a great museum is its gift shop, and the Academy Museum won’t disappoint. You might not be able to buy Dorothy’s ruby ​​slippers, but you can get the next best thing: a handbag that looks like a pair (created by Once upon a time in hollywood costume designer Arianne Phillips in collaboration with Jeremy Scott from Moschino). There is also the Lego Oscars, jewelry created by Black Panther costume designer Ruth Carter (sorry, no vibranium), Academy tote bags and tons of t-shirts, including a special Spike Lee Crooklyn collector’s item. Pricing isn’t available yet, but like any true Hollywood designer, expect to exceed your budget.

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