Where to Farm Statuettes in Genshin Impact

Statuettes are the newest weapon material in Genshin Impact and can be a bit tricky to find. Here’s where to find them and farm them against enemies.

Genshin ImpactThe version 2.6 update introduced a new type of weapon material: statuettes. These come in three different rarities: the Dark Statuette (green), the Dark Statuette (blue), and the Deadly Statuette (purple). Players will need to search and defeat specific enemies in order to collect this specific material.

From Genshin ImpactAs of patch 2.6, statuette materials are only used to upgrade a weapon. This is Kamisato Ayato’s star weapon, the Haran Gepakku Futsu sword. However, more weapons added in Genshin ImpactThe future of ‘s will definitely need this material to be upgraded, so farming these materials should not be overlooked.


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There are currently only a limited number of enemies that can drop Statuettes in Genshin Impact. While more will likely be added to Sumeru, the number of enemies to farm is low. Players will need to travel to the newly released Enkanonmiya and Chasm areas in order to collect Statuettes.

Enemies that drop Statuettes in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Statue Farming Map

The first type of enemies that drop statuettes in Genshin Impact are the Abyss Heralds and Abyss Lectors. Players can find these enemies in Enkanomiya, in specific areas where they will respawn after being defeated. Three of these enemies can be found in the Serpent’s Heart area of ​​Enkanomiya, and another in the Dainichi Mikoshi. These can be tough enemies to face if players don’t use the elements better against their shields, so players should be prepared to fight these enemies. Heralds and Abyss Readers can also drop the same materials as Abyss Mages, so they cannot drop Statuettes every time they are defeated.

The second type of enemy that drops statuettes is called The Black Serpents, and these enemies can be tracked through the Adventure Tome if players have encountered them before. These enemies can be found in the Chasm: Underground Mines, scattered throughout the area. Statuettes are the only material in this enemy’s loot table, so players should expect at least these to drop each time one is defeated. Black Serpents in the Chasm are also needed for Blue Depths Orbs in Genshin Impacteach drops an orb, and all nine are needed to open a treasure room in the chasm, which is another reason to farm these enemies.

While the number of enemies to farm is limited, statuettes will no doubt be needed to upgrade weapons in the future, so these enemies should be farmed to avoid having to grind for a new weapon in the future. Sumeru’s inevitable release will likely add a new loadout of weapons to the game, so it’s best to be prepared. Even though the statuette dropping enemies can be tough, the statuette drop rates aren’t stingy, so it’s definitely worth farming them in Genshin Impact.

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