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Although in recent months the figure of Will Smith has been linked with gossip, rumors and confirmations about his private life and marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor has not lost his status as one of the most popular names. Hollywood’s most popular and successful. With titles like Bad Boys Forever – 87% make it clear that he can still conquer the global box office, while with King Richard – 90% remind us that his talent is equal to any statuette he finds on his way. Plus, his career is an example of how you can grow over the years until you reach a privileged position that gives you the freedom to produce and play the roles you want.

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When he takes his first steps with the series of The prince of rap no one expected Smith to go this far. Even fans admit that the first episodes of the series show the actor’s awkwardness. Years later, on the release of Independence Day – 60%, the performer won the affection of the audience and became a real entertainment star, but some critics still considered that he could only be related to business successes that didn’t test your abilities. in front of the camera. Of course, this only inspired Smith, who in 2001 starred in Ali, the film that earned him his first Oscar nomination.

In 2006, he released In Search of Happiness – 67%, where he shared the credits with his son Jaden Smith, and which once again brought him closer to the Oscar. As an African American actor in Hollywood, this type of recognition has become an example of what can be achieved and, in many ways, has helped open many doors for new generations. At this time, Smith has nothing to prove to anyone, but that doesn’t mean he will stop looking for the famous statuette. His most recent effort culminated in King Richard – 90%, which he also helped produce, and which chronicles how Richard Williams trained and motivated his daughters Serena and Venus to become the sports stars they were destined to. to be.

king richard is directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and produced by himself Will smith. The script for this project appeared on the famous Black List, a list of scripts that are not developed, but are considered extraordinarily good. After saving him from limbo, the film became the perfect avenue for the Oscar. From the first reactions, specialist critics and the public assure that Smith will finally sweep the next awards season, and as so far the name of another actor has not taken off, it is highly likely that the challenge will be raised … if at all Hollywood politics is not becoming your worst enemy.

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Just as the actor’s married life is an inexhaustible source of rumors, so too are his personal and religious convictions. It is known that Jada Pinkett Smith is strongly associated with Scientology, but it is unclear how involved it is Will smith. On the other hand, the interpreter has always been quite subtle when speaking about his political position and his way of life. The World of Reel blog assures that your position on vaccines will be critical to whether you win the Oscar or not, as rumors indicate that the Smith family does not believe in vaccines. The actor was supposed to perform at the Telluride Festival, which took place in person but with strict protocols, like getting all guests immunized, but in the end he never happened and it’s quite strange given that he must campaign to promote king richard.

An article by The Hollywood Reporter focusing on the new rules and protocols of Hollywood filming, ensures that a very famous actor refused to be vaccinated and that the production of his new film had to stop in August because several workers were infected with COVID. For obvious reasons, the name of the actor involved is not mentioned, but World of Reel has revealed that Smith’s latest film, titled Emancipation, ceased production in August due to several infections within the set, which could indicate that the original article is about him and if this is discovered it will be seriously frowned upon by the public.

Right now, an internal war is taking place in Hollywood, between those who ask for mandatory vaccinations to return to film sets and those who are against this proposal. The public is as divided as they are, but it is generally thought that not getting the vaccine is pretty selfish at this point. Festivals and awards have made it clear that they will only allow participation with mandatory vaccination and COVID testing. Will this social discourse affect Smith’s chances of reaching the Oscar or even attending the event to be recognized?

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