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Zoonicor is a character-based preschool entertainment property for ages 2-6 created by Mark Lubratt. The concept began with a discussion between Lubratt and a friend from South Africa, who wanted brand protection in the United States for a project his mother was working on, Lubratt says. This project took the form of a zebra / unicorn hybrid called “Zoonicorn”.

Along with the new concept of creature, a series of fantastic characters appeared in his head. He also assumed that the spelling would begin with “Zoo”. But it turned out that the concept of her friend’s mother was for porcelain figurines for adults.

“Not typical adult animals, but pretty chubby young creatures with big round eyes, inviting features and a short, immature horn,” says Lubratt, who also told his friend, “There’s a children’s mark everywhere. … we have to get rights from your mother.

Several years passed and Lubratt lost touch with his friend, but he never gave up on the idea of ​​”Zoonicorns”. In 2000, he wondered what had happened to the original mark and found that it had been discontinued. He immediately filed documents to form an LLC and acquired the brand in 2012. Over the years, he revisited the concept, realizing he needed something beyond just cute pictures. He finally got the idea of ​​the world the creatures would live in.

“In 2012, I first wanted to focus on the ‘zoo’ as a ‘zoological’ and take animals from all over the world as a vehicle to help children,” Lubratt explains.

One of Lubratt’s earliest memories was a nightmare. He used this to develop the idea of ​​helping children through a story of animals in dreamland. Zoonicorns inhabit the dreams of young animals, taking them on incredible adventures to help them learn important social, emotional, and problem-solving skills. After the dream is over, the young animals wake up feeling capable of overcoming any challenges they face. In college, he took a course from Amar Bose (creator of Bose speakers), who firmly believed that everyone is capable of amazing things. Lubratt felt it was a message that could communicate a message of self-confidence and encouragement to children wherever they were.

“It drives me crazy when people tell kids they can’t do it,” Lubratt says. “I started exploring this idea and found a boutique publishing house and started working on a book.”

From the start, he recognized Zoonicor’s potential to become a children’s brand. Then it was just a hunt to find people who shared that vision. After the first book, he went into a plush business.

“I knew I needed props to show people to help illustrate the idea,” says Lubratt. “In 2013, I went to my first Licensing Expo. I just attended, I did not exhibit. I went to every seminar and kept my eyes and ears open. I remember a seminar on how to evaluate children’s brands. One of the things that was said was that a brand should “not be a one-ride pony, so not a single story”. And that told me that I had to expand the brand.

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